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Posted on September 26 2015

By Olivia Rodrigues - Stylist

On our way to the shoot, while driving South on I-95, Cat Laine (photographer and friend) and I were briefing each other on our individual preparations for this day (which was finally here after weeks of rescheduling). It was pouring a lot that morning. The weather forecast had predicted it, so we had our minds set on cloudy skies and maybe some sun. We also had our minds set on making this shoot happen - no matter what. Cat and I even set positive intentions during the ride (another reason why I love to collaborate with like-minded friends). 

Within an hour of our arrival, the sky slowly cleared up and rays of sun began to appear. That was all the sign we needed - it ended up being a really gorgeous day. 

The theme "Swimming In Heels" was guided by our desire to create a summer experience with the elegant swimwear and accessories made by designer Artiss Akarra (Founder of Eight United Republic Affair). We wanted to illustrate the woman who is sure of herself, content, happy, care-free, fierce and sees no limits. Some of the shots taken by Cat were inspired by the work of revered art directors and fashion photographers such as Hans Feurer.  

It took a great team to make everything happen seamlessly! Below are some of my favorite photos (To view the full gallery, you may click on the portfolio tab above).

Now you may dive in...


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